About Us

JG Advisory Services was founded in 2005 to work with hedge funds as a full-service outsource compliance solution. Since then, client groups have spanned the size spectrum from large established groups, to smaller, start-up ventures. The company has also provided compliance services to private equity funds and small broker-dealers. In addition, JG Advisory Services has worked in ancillary areas such as litigation support, compliance technology development and hedge fund marketing initiatives.

Judith Gross is the Principal and Founder of JG Advisory Services. An attorney with a background in government affairs, Ms. Gross is uniquely positioned to provide meaningful insight and analysis of the hedge fund industry. Prior to setting up the firm in 2005, Ms. Gross was a Senior Vice President at a major Alternative Investments Group for nine years where she gained experience in the set-up, administration, and marketing of hedge funds, including registered, offshore and fund- of- funds. She had previously gained securities law knowledge as an in-house securities attorney on the buy-side at a large insurance company for eight years. Ms. Gross is a speaker at numerous hedge fund industry events. Her compliance training modules for hedge funds, particularly on the insider trading topic, have been well-received through-out the industry. She is a FINRA arbitrator (over 15 years) and has served as an expert witness on hedge fund litigation cases.

Ms. Gross holds a BS in Economics, Cornell University; Masters in City and Regional Planning, Harvard University Kennedy School of Government; and JD, Hofstra University.

If necessary, associates may be assigned to your project. JG Advisory Services associates are experienced and well-motivated. They are selected especially to provide the highest level of service to clients.